Turnhouse Logbook, Circa 1960s


This site contains photographs taken, mostly in the 1960s, of examples of aircraft that visited Scottish airports - primarily Turnhouse (Edinburgh), but also Renfrew, Prestwick, Scone, Leuchars, Abbotsinch and Lossiemouth - plus some taken elsewhere. As the site develops photographs will be added.

In 1960, I was a wee laddie of 14, with an Agfa Silette 35mm fixed-lense camera, who cycled regularly to Turnhouse to "watch the planes". It’s fortunate that the camera's lense was fixed focal-length, otherwise I would have probably cropped the shots much more closely and lost a lot of the surrounding atmosphere. Even more fortunately, today, I still have all the negatives - which are standing up fairly well to the ravages of time.

If you are too young to have
been around at the time (!) - please don't get the idea that these aircraft are representative of daily life - on the whole, they are the highlights, particularly the Turnhouse photographs. At Turnhouse, routinely, life was Air Experience/UAS Chipmunks, RAF Ansons, BEA Viscounts, Ferranti Flying Unit movements and the occasional Auster and Tiger Moth. That may sound ok now - as most of these types are virtually extinct, but they were fairly hum-drum then. Having said that, movements were dominated by piston types - that seemed to have a little more character than many of today's jets.

This site was first created in January 2003 and has been extensively extended since. In 2011-2, I blitzed my negative files and scanned everything from the 1960s that I felt was of interest - so I have now exhausted my archive for that period. If it’s not on the website, for those years, it’s not worth scanning. (Unless, of course, something else takes my fancy.)

I also moved away from showing the Turnhouse aircraft by the categories: Military, Commercial, Business and Private - and they now appear in chronological order.

I’d like to get round to captioning everything - but with around 1,500 images now on the site, it’s doubtful. I’ll see.

It’s been a lot of scanning, but the alternative could possibly be that these little bits of (what are now becoming) history would be lost. So, I hope you enjoy what you see. Ah, the memories!

In April 2014, Scottish Television took an interest in my story. After a nice chat in a Glasgow Starbucks with their Lorna Piper, they published
this on their website.

Colin Lourie, Edinburgh

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